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Namaste Trump: India Welcomes Dollar Opportunities


Port Wings News Network:

“Namaste Trump” will no doubt lead to the Indian businesses and markets to score a jump, Mr Vijay Kalantri, President All India Association of Industries (AIAI) and Vice President World Trade Center Mumbai, has said.

“With an estimated total Indo US Trade value reaching $92.08 billion, the US-India handshake is warm indeed. This important and strategic meet will no doubt lay the foundation of new business opportunities and set a way forward to tripling of Indo US trade leading the trade balance to newer heights,” said Kalantri.

The meet anticipates a display of India’s iconic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to display exemplary negotiation skills to bring trade and business to India’s favor .  As India looks forward for much needed trade and investment among the chaos of global slowdown.

What US India has in its exchange basket is crude oil  and defense technologies that major in exchange of retail products like steel and allied products, garment and technology services. A single US market can turnaround major slowdown scenario now existing in India but for the higher tariffs from the Indian borders. Larger market share for Indian companies could be a possible answer for Indian imports to reach US border with a bumper, if US pulls the import duties to a softer side an advantage once provided to Chinese incumbents. Though the trade in goods and businesses between India US is set to grow more than 10% pa. It is larger than what it seems trapped amongst many trade hurdles. The issue of US import of steel and allied products needs to be resolved at this junction of talks.

US support on PoK will help remove terrorism out not only off Indian borders but help the US investments in Afghanistan sign off to higher levels with India’s cooperation and support from the north-west border. Close enough is the need to help India bridge more ties with the Central Asian countries by  building more seaports with US cooperation in the Persian Gulf and Oman sea. At the same time, US needs to consider inclusion of India on platforms such as NPT.

Next, a storm in a teacup is the issue of H1B visa programme as the movement of Indian  skilled professionals is need of the hour . The restrictions in this programme has impeded possible benefits to businesses in both countries ,though still not a problem but can be stick to Indians in the coming US Elections. A permanent solution to this issue will ease strategic investments across the border.

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