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One-Stop-Shopping in Krefeld, Germany — Key to Further Growth


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In the facility in Krefeld, DSV has experts working with both warehousing, logistics, air, sea and road transports. With everyone in the same place, collaboration across working areas is easy, “and it benefits the customers greatly”, said Bart Peeters, Vice President in Solutions in Germany.

Bart Peeters stated: “Being under the same roof means that you have better insight into what goes on in the other DSV divisions. That provides invaluable potential for offering solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.”

DSV can handle the customers’ goods directly from the warehouse and further into the DSV network, which makes the process faster and less complicated for the customer.

Phillip Eberl, Business Development Manager based in Krefeld, adds: “We offer our customers one-stop-shopping. Regardless of the types of business a customer has with DSV, we can offer one contact person to help with everything from transporting the customer’s goods to Krefeld, to warehousing and last-mile distribution.”

Good collaboration ensures efficient services

When employees moved in to the new office in Krefeld in 2015, it became easier to work closely together.

Philipp Eberl stated: “The biggest change from my point of view was the shorter and much more efficient communication flow.”

“I was in a meeting with a Road customer, who asked a lot of questions concerning Air & Sea transport, and we had a hard time answering some of them. Luckily, I could walk up one floor and ask one of my Air & Sea colleagues to join us in the meeting and answer the customer’s questions right then and there,” added Philipp Eberl.

Healthy growth in a good location

And working together at one location is generating further growth. When the facility in Krefeld was built, the warehouse was 50,000 sqm large. It is now being expanded with another 10,000 sqm and DSV is looking to expand with an additional 50,000 sqm warehousing in the region.

“The demand here is high because of what we offer our customers in services and because of the ideal strategic location of our facility; we’re close to both ports, airports and a good road network”, says Bart Peeters.

With the good location and strong service offering, DSV is winning more customers in the region, resulting in a growth in employees in the region as well.

Krefeld is in the state North Rhine-Westphalia the closest populated area in DSV. With an estimated 21% of Germany’s GPD produced within a one hour radius, DSV is close to the customers’ customers. The Krefeld facility is close to both a good road network, airports and ports.

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