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New Russian Railways Service Now Connects Scandinavia and China by Rail


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JSC UTLC ERA (part of Russian Railways), together with Mukran Port (Germany) and the Port of Baltiysk (Kaliningrad Oblast), is launching regular multimodal container service between Scandinavia and China using unified CIM/SMGS consignment notes.

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This new service greatly simplifies logistics and reduces the time and cost of transporting goods. Before, shippers from Scandinavian countries had to consolidate cargo at major European terminals such as Hamburg or Duisburg and then ship by land.

That’s no longer the case. The cargo now arrives by ship at Mukran Port for further processing and is then sent multimodally through the Port of Baltiysk and then Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan to the consignee in China with a single CIM/SMGS consignment note.

It takes about 15 days to ship from the Swedish port to its final destination in China, as opposed to 60 days by sea. Freight trains will be sent weekly, forming pairs of trains going both directions.

CIM/SMGS consignment notes are valid in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Europe, so there’s no need to reissue waybills along the route, preventing the possibility of errors occurring when reissuing documents and optimizing transportation costs, technology, and delivery time.

Russian Railways Started to Transit Sanctioned Goods Through Russia

JSC Russian Railways Logistics and JSC UTLC ERA (part of Russian Railways) have begun shipping sanctioned goods from Europe to China in transit through Russia using electronic navigation seals.

The first cargo, a shipment of frozen salmon, was delivered from the Netherlands to Duisburg, and then it left for China by rail on March 21. It has crossed the Russian border and is traveling in an accelerated container train to Xi’an and then on to the consignee in Shanghai.

The test dispatch was carried out in close cooperation between JSC Russian Railways Logistics, UTLC ERA and its reliable foreign partners, the Federal Customs Service, the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport, and others.

The refrigerated-container transportation route passes through Belarus and Kazakhstan along one of the UTLC ERA routes. The electronic seals are applied at the Smolensk Marshalling Yard railway station and removed at station Kartaly I.

This new Russian Railways service will make better use of the country’s transit and logistics potential, increase traffic volumes, and increase transit transparency, and the protection of national interests and the economic security of the country will be ensured.

The first test shipment is planned along the northern transit route through Zabaykalsk in the near future.

The ability to transit sanctioned goods through Russia with the use of electronic navigation seals was established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 290 of June 24, 2019.

The sanctioned goods will be monitored using a transportation tracking system that allows for collecting, processing, storing, and automatically transferring data about the location and safety of goods to regulatory agencies.

The cargo-tracking system featuring navigation seals is a large-scale project being developed with the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, and Russian Railways.

This system will be another step in the development of electronic interactions between shippers, carriers, and regulatory agencies.

In addition, the shipper will have detailed information on the location of the cargo. The electronic seal will ensure higher cargo safety and send an alert in the case of any tampering, making it possible act quickly to prevent theft or damage to the shipment.

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