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Mormugao Port Inaugurates Mini Marine Museum


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Shri I. Jeyakumar, IRTS, Chairman of the Mormugao Port Trust inaugurated a Mini Marine Museum on the first floor of their Main Administrative Building on 1 September 2018,  in the presence of Shri G.P. Rai, Dy. Chairman, Heads of Departments, Officers and staff. The Mini Marine Museum ‘Heritage in MPT – Goa waters’ is the brain child of Capt.  Manoj Joshi, Dy. Conservator of MPT.

MPT had  salvaged the hull of Sunken ‘MS ENRENFELS’  in 2018 and few parts of the ship dating back to  the year 1943. These parts are on display at the Mini Museum set up at MPT. The incident occurred during the World War II and is well recorded in history.  Portuguese ruled Goa was then under the attack by the British Commandos of the Calcutta Light House and the identity of the enemy was kept well under secrecy till the end of the World War.  The operation was code named ‘Operation Longshanks’. Three German Merchant Navy vessels sheltered in the Port waters  viz., MS EHRENFELS, MS BRAUNFELS  and MS DRACHENFELS were sunk in the attack. The research inputs in the historical facts dating back to the World War II period were submitted by  Shri Sanjeev V. Sardesai, Hands-on-Historian.

These salvaged parts of the ship are memoirs and an important part of Goan history during the World War II. The port has taken the initiative to protect a part of Goa’s history during the World War II by displaying them in the Museum. The Marine Museum, is attracting a lot of interest and attention not only among the port staff and employees but also from all the visitors and the Shipping fraternity members who visit the Main Administrative building for their day to day matters. The Port Management will add more historical articles of Marine importance to the Mini Marine Museum in the near future and develop it into a full-fledged Museum.

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