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JSC Russian Railways Working on Creating Digital Transport & Logistics Hubs


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As part of the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO/Motion.1520, a round-table discussion on the topic “Unified digital platform for the Russian transportation complex” was held in Sochi on 3 October 2018.

The discussion focused mainly on the increase of efficiency and quality of customer service through the introduction of IT innovations in transportation and logistics.


In his speech, Director for Information Technologies of JSC Russian Railways Evgeny Charkin noted that the company has already implemented a number of initiatives for the development of digital technologies and platform solutions in key areas of the company’s operations. For instance, a digital platform is being developed to provide for organization and monitoring of cargo transportation and customer services.

Evgeny Charkin stated: “The electronic trading platform which we launched in 2017 is our anchor product. The project is developing quite successfully: more than 3 thousand customers have already ordered services using this site, about 15-20 thousand railway car shipments are issued monthly, and this figure will increase. We consider the trading platform as a general element of building the digital platform for the whole industry. The platform will integrate with projects such as e-seal introduction, building an electronic document management system, and the integration with freight monitoring systems,”

JSC Russian Railways also implements an initiative on creating digital transport and logistics hubs. Introducing information technologies in the transport and logistics complex will ensure an increase in its efficiency due to synchronization of plans of all supply chain participants, improvement of the information exchange, freight traffic forecasting, etc.

Recently, as part of the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO/Motion.1520, JSC Russian Railways and JSC Freight Village Kaluga have signed a cooperation agreement under the “Digital Container Terminal” project which involves the integration of process flows of the terminal and railways, terminal automation, and the extension of electronic document management for container transportation.

“Our most important area is creating a new generation digital platform to provide our passengers with services. This is the “Innovative Mobility” project. The platform will allow ordering and making door-to-door trips using the single e-ticket, using common services – Internet access, on-board services, including travel goods, food ordering, tourism service ordering – while traveling,” said Evgeny Charkin.

The Director for Information Technologies of JSC Russian Railways reminded us that in July 2017 the Government had approved the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” program. The implementation of the program should contribute to the development of the economy where digital data are the key production factor in all social and economic fields. As part of the program, the “Digital Transport and Logistics” initiative, which had been presented by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and had united Russian transport companies, was proposed.

“Our objective was to include four key Industry 4.0 technologies – big data, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger systems and the Internet of things – in the program. The initiative is to change the image of the transport sector using these technologies. Today, the transport industry provides for 20% of the aggregate GDP in Russia and accounts for 6% of the total number of employed people. It is important that transport of all types, businessmen and customers participated in creating this area,” said Evgeny Charkin.

To form and develop the single digital transport space based on Russian technological solutions and software, the Digital Transport and Logistics Association was created. JSC Russian Railways is its co-founder.

“As for activities of the association, there are several platform solutions which we plan to create. They include platforms for freight and passenger transportation, changes in transport infrastructure management, areas of environmental projects implementation, transit capacity and autonomous infrastructure,” said Evgeny Charkin.

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