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ITF and WMU Launch of Report on Automation and Technology

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On Tuesday, 15 January, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the World Maritime University (WMU) will launch a flagship report produced by WMU entitled: “Transport 2040: Automation Technology Employment – the Future of Work”.

The forward-looking assessment investigates how the global transport industry will change as a result of automation and advanced technologies, forecasting and analysing trends and developments in the major transport sectors – seaborne, road, rail and aviation – to 2040 with an emphasis on the implications for jobs and employment for transport workers.

This first-ever, comprehensive assessment of how automation will affect the future of work in the transport industry focuses on technological changes that the industry is undertaking as it strives to efficiently interconnect the world through international trade. New technologies and automation, such as artificial intelligence and robots, are impacting transport sector workers through both the displacement and creation of jobs. The research undertaken looks at the consequences of technology on the future of work in transport, taking into account previous waves of technological development.

Based on the advances in technology and their potential effect on the future of transport workers, the ITF recognised the need for a study that provides a thorough picture of the foreseeable effects for transport sector workers. The report provides the facts to proactively shape the future of workers, labour markets and societies in general. The report is the result of intensive research conducted by WMU from 2017 to 2019 with an interdisciplinary team of experts including input from academia, industry and regulatory bodies.

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