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Editorial: Make India should be the Mantra than “Make in India”

Port Wings, 18 July 2018:

Ever since the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his ambitious project – Make in India, experts  in Indian economy and his party colleagues went gaga over the futuristic views of Indian government in establishing the country as manufacturing hub for the whole globe.

However, the euphoria is slowly dying down among the frenzy circles of late who feel it should be MAKE INDIA than MAKE IN INDIA. Four years have passed by now, but the concept is yet to be take root.

The two character word, between make and India, makes a lot of difference in terms of country’s real growth and its projection before the developed countries.

While it was the honest attempt by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rejuvenate ailing industrial sectors in the country, experts feel that the attempt should not be misconstrued among the developed nations to shift their ugly and polluted industries to India under the guise of supporting Make In India drive.

After all, India is a potentially gigantic market, when compared to other developing nations, be it in Asia or in European Union. Instead of going for Make In India, the Prime Minister could have popularized Make India globally and induced skilled development to meet the global labour standards.

Tapping the growth opportunities emerged after globalization, China positioned itself as a manufacturing hub for the whole world and its vigorous marketing has brought it several countries, including USA and Germany to set their shops in Chinese industrial clusters clearly aiming market potential in the South Asian Region.

It is imperative to mention here that China, who exports goods and not just high-tech but zero-tech goods to different parts of the world, has earned a niche name among global consumers. Trying to topple China and garnering its tag of world’s factory through Make In India drive could be counter-productive.

Many foreign companies (who have bases in China now) feel the labour shortage dilemma there and they would very much interested to come to India to set their shops due to abundant labours in the country.

Until unless Indian manufacturing sectors are made more skilled and equipped to produce state-of-the-art goods for international markets, India would be at the mercy of developed countries and it would be treated as hollow concept.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing the gathering at the inauguration ceremony of the World Food India 2017, in New Delhi on November 03, 2017.

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