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Editorial: Is Projecting Gadkari as “Consensus Face” BJP’s Plan B?

Port Wings, 6 March 2019:

For the last two months, rumour mills are running non-stop on Gadkari. The reason – his statements of indirectly blaming the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for all the mess in the governance.

Though the Minister Nitin Gadkari on several occasions categorically rejected the theory of RSS promoting him to the position (against Modi) in case of fractured mandate in May 2019, the fire is yet to be doused fully and finally.

The rumours gained ground after Gadkari’s recent comments were construed by the Congress as an attack on Prime Narendra Modi and he would be projected as the next prime minister of the country if BJP needed support of other political parties to form a government after the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Even the Minister’s clear reply of “Mungeri Lal Ke Haseen Sapne” (day dreaming) about the speculation that he would be projected as the prime minister in case of a fractured mandate, failed to dissuade the keen followers of political dynamics in the country.

Mr Gadkari call himself a man of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is his party BJP’s ideological mentor.

“I have nothing to do with it. I am not in the race. Modi-ji is the PM and will become Prime Minister again. I am from RSS (Mai RSS wala hun). Our mission is to work for the nation,” he was quoted by the news agency PTI as saying.

Last month, Nitin Gadkari’s comment that he would thrash anybody who talked about caste, was seen by the Congress as an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Madhya Pradesh Congress tweeted NDTV Khabar’s report on the minister’s comment and said Mr Gadkari had once again “directly attacked” Narendra Modi and the BJP.

Mr Gadkari and Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s camaraderie on the sidelines of the Republic Day Parade had also grabbed attention. Days after sitting beside each other, Mr Gandhi said Mr Gadkari was the only one who had some guts.

In reply to a query as to why he was favourite among the opposition leaders, Mr Gadkari said he was a workaholic and believes in hardwork. “Whoever comes to me, my thinking remains positive. I tell my officials that he has come to me that means he has some problems so keep positive approach and solve it. Receive (them) nicely and if not possible tell the problems and why it cannot be done. I do not behave as per political calculation. This is my natural behaviour and that is why opponents also becomes my friends,” he said.

Whether the Minister clearly steering away from sending any message to voters and the potential allies, one thing is pretty clear that there is something, which will be revealed only after the full results of May 2019 Elections.

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