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Editorial: FFFAI Deserves Pat for Bringing FIATA World Congress to India

Port Wings, 26 Sept 2018:

The Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Association in India (FFFAI) needs to be commended for their efforts to bring a global event like FIATA World Congress to India.

It is a fact that the event is happening for the “FIRST TIME” in India, and FFFAI management is responsible for convincing FIATA, the global body of freight forwarders, in presenting India as the bright spot for trade.

It may be recalled that India got the right to host the conference in New Delhi after a stiff competition from other countries wanting to hold this prestigious event.

Anyone wondered why such a global event was never held here all these years. There may be many reasons, and one among them may be lack of proper presentation or representation of India’s potential on global stage.

But the present management in FFFAI has successfully convinced the FIATA top boss that India stands at the crossroads of development and the country cannot be left behind or bypassed from gaining its rightful importance on global platforms. Obviously, the next question on the mind will be so what and what is going to change after the event.

FIATA is the leading non-governmental organization in the field of transportation and logistics and they are the global voice for Freight Forwarders, comprising of members from 126 countries.

According to FIATA, the event would be an ideal opportunity for Indian Freight Forwarders to showcase their expertise and at the same time for the outside world to know the potentiality existing in Indian freight forwarding business.

Furthermore, it would be an opportunity for the Indian Freight Forwarders to interact with their foreign counterparts not just to learn their best practices, but to create contacts and build partnerships.

FIATA covers multiple modes of transportation and is involved in policies that govern the freight forwarding industry.

In a nutshell, FIATA deal with every aspect international movement of cargo, including the latest developments and the future trends in the freight forwarding industry.

The conference in India also includes an event called YLP or Young Logistics Professional. This event is for university students to encourage them to join the logistics industry. FFFAI too has an institute to which conduct courses in freight forwarding.

With the global trade moving towards more and more organized way, freight forwarding is becoming big business in India. All the major multinational freight forwarding companies are already operating in India either directly or tied up with regional players.

With the World Bank ranking India as one of the few bright spots, our nation has become the cynosure for the people who are interested to seek business opportunities in the country.

In other words, the world wants to know what was happening in India, especially in the freight forwarding sector. With the Union Government taking several initiatives to garner business opportunities from different parts of the world, the conference will present a perfect template for organizing such global events in future. On that fact, the timing of the FIATA World Congress Meet is spot on.

It remains to see what would be the outcome from the global event. However, hosting such an event itself, will give India a springboard to touch the growth parameters and get “Developed Nation” tag in next decade.

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