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Chennai Port & Dock Officers’ Association Appeals to Shipping Ministry on Pay Parity


Port Wings News Network:

The Chennai Port & Dock Officers’ Association has appealed to the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, to implement the already agreed steps to remove pay anomalies among staff working in port trusts without any delay.

With a view to exert pressure on the Ministry, Mr R Santhanam, president of the association, handed over a detailed letter to the Secretary of the Shipping Ministry on 4 January 2018.

Below is the reproduction of the letter:


Due to non-Implementation of pay revision with effect from 01.01.2012 on par with Class III & IV, the Basic pay and HRA of the employees who were promoted on or after 01.01.2012 were reduced. Example, the under signee Mr R.Santhanam’s Basic pay and HRA were reduced from Rs.46,000 to Rs.27,000/- and Rs.12,000/- to Rs.8,000/- respectively, its results, the pension and commutation amounts have been sizably reduced.

Despite of repeated approached with the Management and the Ministry of Shipping, without considering to rectify the anomaly, Ministry formed a committee to submit its recommendation to consider the pay revision for the Class I & II with effect from 01.01.2017 without considering to rectify the pay anomaly with effect from 01.01.2012.

Hence, the committee formed for considering pay revision with effect from 01.01.2017 was challenged in the [Madras] High Court. The High Court ordered to consider the pay revision with effect from 01.01.2012 by reconstituting the committee and consulting with the petitioner Association.

Instead of implementing the High Court’s order, the Ministry issued an order dated 20.07.2017  (citing Ministry’s order No. A-29018/13-PE-I dated 20.07.2017. 2. M.D. IPA’s reply No.IPA/PRC/2016 (Part file) dt.20.10.17), which accepts that there is pay anomaly for Class I & II employees (Officers) and hence it is ordered to implement 17.5% of the Basic pay for all purposes.

Though, the same has been confirmed by the Managing Director, IPA in his reply dated 20.10.2017, the same Managing Director’s earlier orders, that 17.5% should not be considered for HRA, Cafeteria, annual increments, deducting pay protection amount already paid etc., are contrary orders and IPA cannot interpret Ministry’s order.

In view of the above, the following are brought to your kind notice and favorable disposals:

  1. Even if 17.5% mean pay is added with the Basic pay, in the example case cited above, the revised Basic pay will be about Rs.32,000/- against the originally drawn the Basic pay as Rs.46,000/- as such still there is pay anomaly. At any circumstances, the Basic pay of an employee should not be reduced.
  2. When there is still pay anomaly, the Pay protection amount already paid has been recovered in the arrear amount is against natural justice.
  3. Non- consideration for the HRA, on promotion the concern officer loss Rs.4,000/- on promotion i.e., on promotion as an Officer about one third of his HRA has been reduced is against natural justice.
  4. Some Ports effected upto Deputy Chairman’s level whereas some Ports effected lower level of Dy.HODs.
  5. While most of the Ports long back paid arrear amount and effected in monthly salaries, some Ports have paid adhoc only
  6. When the officers promoted on or after 01.01.2012 have been considered, the officers appointed on or after 01.01.2012 have not been considered is also against the natural justice.
  7. Instead of obey the Ministry’s order dated 20.07.2017 i.e. to monitor the implementation of the said order uniformly, the Managing Director, IPA had issued contrary orders without the approval of Ministry stating that not to consider for HRA, annual increments, cafeteria etc.,
  8. The Managing Director, IPA has replied on 20.10.2017 has stated that 17.5% is for all purpose is contrary to his earlier orders not to be considered for HRA, annual increments, cafeteria, deducting already paid pay protection amount etc.,

Hence, we request to

  1. a) to implement the 17.5% for all purposes as per Ministry’s order dated 20.07.2017 and reply by MD, IPA dated 20.07.2017 uniformly in all Ports for all purposes
  2. b) after implementation 17.5%, as interim relief, the pay revision on par with Class III & IV with effect from 01.01.02012 should be effected to Class I & II also as per the Court’s order.

The association also sent copies of the letter handed over to the Secretary to the Managing Director, IPA., and all Chairmen of the ports.

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