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Editorial: International Maritime Organization Appreciates India

Port Wings, 4 Dec 2019: International Maritime Organization (IMO) has appreciated India’s decision of accession to the Hong Kong International Convention, 2009. IMO, during its ongoing 31st session in London, UK has highly appreciated India’s decision of accession to the Hong Kong International Convention, 2009. Compliments of the Secretary General …

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Editorial: The Confusion Behind $5-trillion GDP by 2025

Port Wings, 27 Nov 2019: While the government is maintaining that all is well and fiscal target achievable, former Reserve Bank governor C. Rangarajan opined that at the current growth rate, reaching the $5-trillion GDP target by 2025 is “simply out of question,” as Indian economy is in bad shape. …

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Editorial: Staying Away From RCEP Deal Good for India?

Port Wings, 13 Nov 2019: Finally, after much uproar in domestic front as well as analysts, Indian government in eleventh hour has taken a decision to stay away from the mega-trade deal –Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). PM Modi categorically stated in his speech on November 4, 2019, at the …

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Editorial: Momentum Builds Against Government Signing RCEP Deal

Port Wings, 30 October 2019: Slowly and steadily, momentum is building against the Union Government that is mulling signing the China-promoted Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) deal, which will eventually result in liberalizing Chinese imports to Indian market. And there were widespread protests by hundreds of farmers across the country …

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Editorial: Prime Minister Modi’s Successful US Visit

Port Wings, 02 October 2019: Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to New Delhi on 28 September 2019 night from a week-long trip to the United States, where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly and several events, including the ‘Howdy, Modi!’ diaspora gathering. On his return Prime Minister Modi said …

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Editorial: Economy Sends SOS to Government

Port Wings, 4 Sept 2019: At last, despite best headline managements by the Union Government for the last few weeks, the cat is now out of the bag and took the centre stage of discussion among all. And response from former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of economy slowing down is …

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